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On this page you'll find trailers of quality porn movies for women plus a couple of full-length erotic short films.

The Thought Of Her DVD

Four men give themselves pleasure. We hear their internal thoughts and fantasies via an erotic voiceover. Nominated for a Feminist Porn Award 2012. You'll find this film at Bright Desire and also at Pink Label TV

The Thought Of Her Short Film


This short film is about one man's journey into his erotic imagination. It's a celebration of the male body from a female perspective. You'll find this film at Bright Desire

Fucking Is The Only Prayer


There is only our minds and our bodies. This moment of touch, this instant of emotion. Right here, right now. Only this breath, only this shared sensation. Only this flesh, alive with pleasure. Your body and my body, skin and bones and heart and blood and tingling nerves. No need for charms, for chants, for hymns, for repentance or confession.

A short film about sex and spirituality. This little movie is available at Bright Desire along with the full sex scene.

Handcuffs (Full Movie)


Erika Lust's short film Handcuffs (2009). This short film is part of Erika Lust's long featured film Life Love Lust. It's available at Lust Cinema




Matinée takes a fresh look at what erotic film can be. It features an original musical score and careful attention to capturing the real-life sounds of sex. Real, intense and emotional, Matinée is truly erotic film for people who like film. It's available at Lust Cinema



From Pink & White Productions comes an explicit love story about two amateur fighters. Champion is a dyke love story and features lots of hot lesbian and queer sex. Champion is available online at Pink Label TV.

The Female Voyeur


The soft version of the trailer for Petra Joy's latest film, The Female Voyeur. It's available online at Pink Label TV.

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We Recommend...

Lust Cinema

Lust Cinema is a relatively new site catering to women. It features the work of feminist director Erika Lust. You'll find Five Hot Stories For Her, Cabaret Desire and Life, Love, Lust there as well as the work of other feminist directors including Jennifer Lyon Bell, Maria Beatty, Ovidie and Tristan Taormino. You'll find a wide variety of styles and tastes at Lust Cinema, from romantic to artistic to full on hardcore

Click here to find out more about Lust Cinema.

Best Women's Erotica 2013

Best Women's Erotica 2013
Author Violet Blue says that in this compilation of explicit erotic fiction "every single story is layered top to toe with explicit sex, hard and wet and mean and sweet, flowing around love, and fused with characters who finally feel like us. What women want: with no apologies." Porn for women, in print!
Available from Amazon.


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