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Like millions of women around the world, Australian women are embracing erotica and porn, especially the movies, books and websites designed for a female audience.

Porn For Women Australia is here to help you find what you need.

No doubt you've felt exasperated at the sheer volume of awful porn that's out there. This site exists to help you cut through the crap and get off, quickly! It lists quality porn movies, websites, erotic books and adult stores that cater to women and their needs.

This site is run by an Australian woman with extended experience with women's erotica. I know that not all women want the same thing, but we DO want to be acknowledged and respected when it comes to porn. All the links, products, films and sites listed here have been vetted personally and meet my standards for high quality, pro-sex ethics and, of course, female pleasure.

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Recommended Movie

Xana and DaxThe Female Voyeur
Feminist filmmaker Petra Joy's amazing movie is a lush exploration of female fantasies, complete with guy-guy-girl sex, a male "beauty" contest and an orgy where many lovers pleasure a queen. This is a beautiful, sexy and sumptuous erotic film made for straight women. Available from Gamelink

Hot Sex Toy

Diva sex toyThe Diva
Designed by an Australian company, this medical-grade silicone vibrator ignores the standard "penis" model and instead opts to stimulate as many areas as possible, focusing on the clitoris. It can also be inserted if desired. This amazing sex toy is available from Femplay Australia.

Great Reading

Best Women's Erotica 2008Best Women's Erotica 2013
Violet Blue is on a mission. With the aim to entertain you with the sexiest, smartest women's erotica anywhere, she will trigger your erotic imagination. From the sweetly romantic to the bold and daring, each of the eighteen stories in Best Women's Erotica 2013 provides the spark to your flame.
Available from Amazon.

Sexy Site For Women

Women's Erotica ClubBright Desire
Smart porn for smart women. Bright Desire offers real life couples having sex and sensual solo scenes. This site celebrates intimacy, passion, laughter, fun, connection and fantasy - all the good things about sex. Feminist and fun, this is a grea porn for women site.
Click here to visit Bright Desire

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